Same Day Certification!

American Red Cross Courses


This course teaches students how to respond to a cardiac and breathing emergencies for adult and pediatric patients.  This is the course you would take if you have a swimming pool.  You can take this course in a few hours and you will how to save a life when minutes count.  You will receive a 2 year certification upon successful completion of the class.

First Aid / CPR / AED

In this course, the student will learn how to recognize and respond to first aid emergencies such as burns, internal and external bleeding and heat and cold emergencies as well as breathing and cardiac arrest emergencies.  This course also covers first aid emergencies such as how to control bleeding, heart attacks, diabetes and shock.

Healthcare BLS

This course is for healthcare providers and public safety professionals.  This course covers cardiac and breathing emergencies for adult, child and infants.  This course also teaches you how to perform CPR as a single rescuer as well as two rescuers.  You will also learn how to use and AED and a bag mask device.