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Online CPR classes — Make sure you know what you are signing up for.

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Yesterday, I taught a BLS class and one of my students told me that this was her second attempt to get an American Heart Association (AHA) certification.  Her first card, she took an online class and her employer would not accept it.  Unfortunately, she is not the first to tell us this.  Most employers want an American Heart Association certification. You must be careful when taking an online class.  One thing to look for is AHA requires a skills session.  If the online company does not offer a skills session, then chances are they are not an authorized AHA training center.  The following is straight from the AHA website:

  • A number of websites claim to provide online training, including CPR training that is “AHA Compliant” even though the organizations are not American Heart Association-authorized training centers. These sites may claim to offer online training with no skills checks or instant electronic course cards available upon completion of the online training.

The American Heart Association does not approve training courses created by other organizations, does not allow its course completion cards to be given to students who do not complete the skills check portion of American Heart Association training, and there are no “AHA-compliant” training courses or “AHA-certified” professionals conducting training. An organization that has been approved to issue cards with the AHA logo upon successful completion of an AHA training course should display the “Authorized Training Center” logo to help you know they are authorized. You should check with your present or prospective employer about the course completion cards they will accept before paying anyone for training intended to gain or retain your training status.

  • We have learned of a website that advertised copies of training course exam questions with the answers for sale. The website turned out to be part of an apparent scheme to steal credit card information. We have reported the site to appropriate authorities.  In another situation, people were discovered selling training course completion cards to individuals who had not taken the courses or demonstrated their skills. Several arrests were made after the scheme was reported to local authorities.

The American Heart Association does not sell or permit others to sell the actual examinations used to confirm a student’s completion of CPR, ACLS, PALS or any other training. Anyone who attempts to sell such information — or offer a course completion card for sale to anyone who has not met the training requirements — is probably doing so illegally and attempting to steal your personal or financial information.  

  • Recently, an employer reported receiving a course completion card that looks like the one below. This fillable PDF card is a form completed on a computer and is not a valid Laerdal or AHA Training Center course completion card.

Fraud Alert
The American Heart Association’s Authorized Training Centers will not send you an electronic course completion card that you fill in online. If you receive one of these, please report it to the AHA right away, along with any information you have about where it came from.

Unfortunately, some of these companies only want to take your money.  So just be careful when taking online courses.  Make sure you know what you are doing.

CPR works, LLC only teaches AHA programs.  Why is that?  Because AHA sets the standard.  Let CPR works certify you for all of your First Aid / CPR / AED / Bloodborne Pathogens needs.  We have public classes, private classes and we will come to your location for all your training needs.

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