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Why we are blogging.

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I love to educate people.  I also have a geology degree and a few years back, I taught the boy scouts geology at Laurel Caverns in Pennsylvania.  While teaching these kids, I realized that I had a passion for teaching.  But I wanted to educate adults and thought what can I teach to adults.  I thought I have all this medical experience and I can teach CPR.  So I started my business in PA and then I moved here to Florida.  We teach most of our classes at Keiser University in Fort Myers.  We also do private classes for first aid and CPR classes in the comfort of your home.  In my classes, I try to give a little more than the basics.  I try to explain things like why it is important we do effective chest compressions and how the AED works.  So we are starting this blog because we want people to be able to come here and get information.  We will be writing about first aid, CPR, AED, bloodborne pathogens, ACLS and phlebotomy topics.  I am super excited to start blogging and hope that you you visit often.

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